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Thanks for stopping by, mentUcate was founded by
myself (Brian Heath) back in November 2013.
Let me start by saying, I am in by no means an
expert in mental health issues, but I am a long time
battler of mental health. What changed for me
was the person who helped me through my
difficult times and put me on the path to recovery
sadly didn't get the same level of help she needed
which resulted in her taking her own life.

So now I take up the challenge in raising
awareness and offering support to anyone who may need it.

Recently I was very fortunate enough to be invited along by Mind to record a couple of videos which are available on YouTube.
In memory
(C) mentUcate 2014
Helping educate in mental health issues - "one mind at a time"
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This is Dr Elizabeth Kinston (Hallam) who was my GP for several years. Elizabeth sadly took her own life as a result of suffering from postnatal depression in November 2013. The kindness and compassion she showed me, helped me immensely and that is why today I take up the mantle she leaves behind. I will be forever grateful for the help you gave me and always sorry that it wasn't there for you.